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Services are available in the office, by video conference, or by phone

Life is really hard at times and it is reassuring to know that you don’t have to navigate through the tough stuff alone. Choosing a counselor and/or coach to assist you while in the midst of a struggle can be frightening. It is important to select someone suited to you personally and one that is experienced in helping with the type of need that you have. Please look through the provided information and know you are invited to contact us with questions or to chat in order to determine if we might be of assistance to you. We look forward to hearing from you. Our best to you as you select your professional for individual counseling, marriage counseling, Christian counseling, life coaching; the helper to walk awhile with you.

Areas of assistance:

Trauma support for the spouses/partners who have been intimately betrayed
Pornography, infidelity, and sexual addiction counseling
Relational, marital, and personal improvement
Dealing with loss and grief
Reducing anger, fear, anxiety, depression
Women’s trauma and abuse
Parenting skills
Working through divorce
Decision making and goal setting
Female sexual issues and trauma
Building self worth and esteem
Christian spiritual growth
Setting healthy boundaries
Forgiveness of others and self
Marriage counseling issues
Family counseling issues
Substance abuse
Family issues due to substance abuse
Support groups

Counseling looks back across the life span to identify wounds and misbeliefs that may be causing difficulties in life currently. Healing the wounds and correcting beliefs along with skills building brings relief to a person and the ability to proceed into the future to meet goals and have a more fulfilling life. Counseling work is restricted to clients that are within the state of the counselor’s licensure. Coaching looks at the present and helps a person develop their individual strengths to utilize skills in order to meet current and future goals. Coaching relationships can happen across state lines by phone or video conference. Both types of helper relationships can be very beneficial to assist a person to overcome current struggles and enjoy a positive benefit in the future.

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