Growth Can Happen Anywhere

By September 22, 2020 Blog
Working in the garden is a time of meditation and peace for me. It is a time that I can see and hear truth in many circumstances. I have a compost bin that I use to prepare nutrition for my soil. It stinks and is dirty. It is full of decaying vegetation. It is wet and dark. I opened it’s huge mouth to dispose of more food trash. I was expecting the heat and the smell to assault me. Instead, I found in the darkness and the stench, new life and growth. Out of the rotting grass and vegetable peels, was the tender growth of several new vegetable plants. I stood there amazed. There is no light in the compost bin. It is too hot in there. Yet, there were new and determined plants growing from discarded seeds. As I stood there reflecting, the thoughts formed. It is possible for us to grow no matter what circumstances we are in. No matter how dark it is; no matter how hot and uncomfortable; no matter that we were discarded or neglected or overlooked. Inside of us, we have what we need to survive and grow. Don’t focus on the external. The internal is what matters. I wish for you today that you grow from the seeds of resilience, strength, and determination.

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