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2021. There will be a group hiking the area trails the third Saturday of each month at 9:30.  Trail information will be added here prior to each hike. This is not an event sponsored by Grace Ventures.  This is an independent event that everyone is invited to.  Everyone is responsible for self.  This is a way to meet others for fun, exercise, social experiences.  I would suggest getting the All Trails App to help find the location of the hike and to be able to record the map and the hike. If you would like to be included in a Group Me message to receive hiking information, please text Stacie at 918-212-8702.

March 20  9:30. Haikey Creek Park Inner and Outer Loops. Broken Arrow.

April 17     9:30  Northeastern State University .  Broken Arrow.  CANCELLED DUE TO COLD WET WEATHER.

May 15   9:30   Oxbow Lake Trail. Tulsa. Mohawk Park.

June 19 9:30 Mary Oxley Nature Center Loop. Tulsa.

July 17  9:30 River City Trail.  Sand Springs.

Aug 21  9:30  Trail outside the entrance to Keystone State Park.

Sept 18  9:30 Kite Hill Loop.  Oologah.

Oct. 16  9:30 LaFortune Trail Loop.  Tulsa.

Nov. 20  9:30 Kelly Lane Park Loop. Sapulpa.

Places listed are tentative an subject to change prior to the hike.

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