Infidelity and the consequences of it is an epidemic in our society.  It destroys relationships and families. The pain is almost unbearable.

Services are offered to couples working through this. I offer counseling and coaching services to women who are caught in the clutches of sexual addiction and want to be free.  I also offer services to women who are devastated by the discovery of betrayal or sexual addiction by their partner. I can also help with male sexual addicts by providing counseling resources for you individually.

For the betrayed, there is help and hope through this trauma.  You did NOT cause this. You are NOT to blame.  With discovery comes the onslaught of fear, confusion, sadness, anger, shame, self-worthlessness.  For many there is an inability to think or concentrate, forgetfulness, sleep and eating disturbances, intrusive thoughts, a need to search for every piece of evidence of the betrayal, nightmares, mental images of the offenses, and more.  These are all trauma responses.

I have earned post graduate certification to work specifically in this area of severe pain.  The majority of my practice is in this area.  You are not alone! There are many women traveling a similar journey.

Available services for you include private and group counseling or coaching, workshops, private retreats, lists of resource materials.

For female betrayers/ sex addicts, there is help and hope. No one sets out to be unfaithful.  No one realizes they are trapped being someone they never wanted to be, until it is too late to save themselves and their loved ones from the pain.  The shame and guilt can be suffocating, creating a self-loathing.  You are not alone.  The problem is prevalent and growing.  There is a way to freedom and wholeness where you embrace your self-worth.  I offer private counseling and coaching in this area and have a list of resources that I am happy to provide to you.

For couples lost in this pain, there is help and hope.  I offer couple’s counseling and intensives in a private retreat setting.  Additionally, through The Roadmap Counseling in Tulsa, OK, we offer an extensive healing program to couples faced with the destruction of sexual addiction.