All too often the people of a church pull on a pastor and his family, expecting them to be available whenever the need of someone arises. With a desire to serve, the pastor and his wife may not possess the necessary boundaries to understand when or how to say no to the demands and requests of those they lead. The needs within the pastor’s own family may go unmet, as may the individual needs within the pastor and his wife. Fatigue, conflict, burnout, resentment, and more result. Yet, there is nowhere to rest. No safe place to deal with the struggles. No place to hide and recover. No safe person to confide in about personal, marital or family matters.

Yes, there is! Nestled at the end of a dead end road in the middle of nowhere, one hour north of Tulsa; there is a private, secluded retreat waiting for you. We only accommodate one couple at a time. You won’t be interrupted by anyone. As you exit the pavement at the end of the road, you wind 1/4 mile through the woods that is woven with walking trails. Once in the property, you will find a quaint hideaway that includes sleeping quarters with kitchen and bath. Kitchen has refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven and hotplate. Bath has a shower, washer and dryer. Just outside the door is a flower garden with fire-pit, hammock, lounge chairs, and bbq grill; all shaded by mature trees. There is a pool, hot-tub and deck. A five minute beautiful walk leads you to a private cove of the lake.

If you need privacy, it is here. If in the privacy, you need some time with a counselor, we can schedule the time you need with a licensed professional. Generally, Stacie Casler, LPC, is onsite to assist you.

Know that your service to God and to others is appreciated by us. Accordingly, we try to make our services to you affordable.

Room rate per night is $50.00 which includes use of everything discussed above. Counseling services are $60 per hour.

If you would like to book a stay or have questions, please call 918-212-8702.

May God richly bless you.