Everyone has times in life that they need a listening ear, sounding board, objective opinion, guidance; a safe person to hear them and understand.  I counsel or coach women who are experiencing questions or struggles in life.  Assistance is offered with a number of issues including spouse betrayal, grief, depression, decision making, boundaries, parenting, family of origin concerns, abuse, sexual addiction, anxiety, relationships, and more.

Services can be provided in person, by phone, or video conference.  Counseling is only provided in the state of Oklahoma.  Coaching services are offered both in state and out of state. Counseling is broader in its approach to problem solving in that past events and stress, from childhood on, are explored in order to aid in the reduction of current pain and impediments to goal accomplishment. Coaching utilizes personal strengths and skill development to help one overcome current struggles in order to move forward towards set goals.  Either can be very beneficial.  Both have common element.