Every couple faces challenges in their marriage.  It is part of relationships.  Whether the challenge is small or catastrophic, seeking the help of someone objective generally produces the insight of a fresh perspective.  Seldom are any of us taught how to be married.  We may have good role models or only poor ones; still no instruction manual was provided.  No matter the issue, the goal is intimacy and connection in a trusting and committed relationship.

In marriage counseling, I first address the pressing issues that are causing concern and/or pain to each individual.  From there, we set a framework within which the marriage can function safely and in a healthy manner.  Skills are taught in communication, boundaries, conflict resolution, need fulfillment, respect, relational harmony, and more.  Short and long term goals are set and plans to accomplish those goals are formulated.

If you are a couple dealing with the suffocating damage of sexual addiction or betrayal, please see that specific tab on the services page of this website.  I am also of staff at The Roadmap Counseling in Tulsa, OK which offers an extensive marriage recovery program that might be of assistance to you.